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It is hard to talk about   past contemporary m without mentioning  Quincy Jones. He has been one of the most important producers of all times in the world of contemporary music. he has been working with big names his entire life. Michael Jackson is arguably the biggest name he ever worked with. He was also able to work with other greats such as  Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra. He is also the same individual who has been behind more mega hits than any single producer in the music industry.

According to an interview Bill Gibson, a co-writer with Quincy Jones in an interview mentions that  Quincy is so good that when he starts to talk about how he produces someone’s music. He is really talking about how to work creatively with almost anybody at absolutely anything.

One of the reasons why Quincy Jones has been one of the most prominent producers for the past quarter century is due to the respect he has for all  the clients he is working or has ever worked with. Clients always compliment him for always allowing them to express themselves in their own way. Many of them are grateful that Gibson doesn’t  yell and make them sing it his own way. He lets them sing it in their own style and brings out the best in them. What he actually does is creating an environment and an atmosphere that ends up releasing a performance that is better than it would have been.

Many people tend to mistake magic and inspiration. Gibson says in an interview that magic is like a waving wand. That does not sound like it. He describes it as a blend between perspiration and inspiration. In this case, 90% of perspiration and 10% of inspiration. However, this does not mean that Quincy will not allow any magical performance. If there is that chance and opportunity for the artist to be magical, Quincy will always find a way to remove all hurdles on the way so that the magical moment can happen. Quincy insists more of the 10000 hours’ rule of perfection so as to achieve the best level of performance. How is this possible? He explains further that when you invest your time in doing something, for example 6 hours a day, you will achieve perfection that you have always wanted.


One of the ways that he has been more inspiring and outstanding  than most producers of his day,is his belief that most of the artists’ creativity comes from the subconscious. He also adds that it takes critical triggers to access this part of an artist. Quincy states one of the ways that you can access the subconscious is working in the Alpha state. This is the state between sleep and conscious. With all the factors that have been discussed above, they explain why he was one of the most acknowledged. One of the best quotes he had was “You can never be a better musician than you are a person.”