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Sound recordings whether its music, voice over, recording guitar or any other instrument can be ear sore if the sound is not clear. Unwanted noise can be in the form of crackles, clips, pops that is picked up by the microphone in the form of recording.  It was difficult in the past to create a controlled environment to get a clear recording. However, with advancement in technology in all spheres of life, we can now solve problematic recordings with powerful tools. They allow us to eliminate background noise.  If you work in sound recording on a regular basis, you will know what it means to get great sound, regardless of whether the sound was recorded by a professional or novice. Noise reduction software couldn’t have come at a better time, there are many great and solid tools that you can use to clean your recordings.

 Noise gate effect is the most loved tool in removing noise. However, this effects needs to be better utilized for it can be harsh and destroy the recordings. There are many other sophisticated tools.

Removing background noise

There are many great programs that can help in audio editing, audacity is one of the most reliable.  Its icons resembles a blue pair of headphones with an orange and red sound wave. Some people only use it for trimming recordings but it can do even some serious donkey work. Here is how to remove noise from recordings.  First you need to get a quiet place where you can still the noise. This will give a pretty good idea of what you need to remove

You can also use X-noise plug to fix unnecessary noise from any recording.  The good thing with X-noise is that it utilizes a frequency domain analysis to detect and reduce unwanted noise. It works by learning the nature of the noise and creating the noise profile. This helps to separate the noise from the recording

2 of the best noise removal tools

Accusonus ERA

Accusonus is not widely known when it comes to noise reduction which a shame considering how magical and effective it is. It is easy to use and affordable. Here are three quick options to consider:




ERA-D is the latest version of the three and an upgrade on all of them which means it can accomplish much more than others.  You can feed 2 different channels at the same time which makes the denoising process easier. The benefits of the Accusonus tools is that you can get your results in real-time. The one-knob style makes it extremely simple even for novices

Adobe audition cc

You have probably come across adobe audition cc if you are video editor or someone who works in sound. Audition does more than just reduce noise in a recording. It performs many other functions such as editing, mixing, sound design and spectral audio editing. Audio is highly rated because it has some of the most effective tools such as:

  •         pop removal
  •         click removal
  •         noise reduction
  •         pitch correction