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Los Angeles is the best destination to spot American celebrities of all walks of life. A tour to Los Angeles wouldn’t be complete without seeing a celebrity on the scene. In LA, celebrities are almost everywhere and are used to being gawked by people. Most of the celebrities eat, drink and play in many of Los Angeles bars and restaurants. If you want to have a one on one experience with Star, you must be ready to spend time in their natural habitats such as restaurants, attractions sites and bars. For sure, LA a top place where stars hangouts. The following places are where stars meet;
Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles
This is one of the popular hotel in LA’s where celebrity hang out. It is located in the buiding of the former United Artists. The hotel is furnished with concrete galore with sleek furniture and fixtures. It is a combination of both restaurant and bar which is big enough to accommodate locals and celebs. At this place, it is easy to spot celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Matt Damon, Aloe Blacc, Lykke Li, Sky Ferreira and Ann Kendrick. At the rooftop of the bar is a swanky scene of hipsters, designers, models and musicians. The Ace Hotel has a large theatre where musicians gets the oppoturnity to perform.
Berverly Hills Hotel& Bungalows
This is the right place where you can spot celebrities such Harry Styles, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Warren Beatty and Tamera Mowry as well as Michael Douglas. The Berverly Hills hotel contain beautiful scenes including the famous pink stucco façade, the sumptuous rooms and the manicured grounds. The hotel attracts more international and local celebrities as a result of its fresh and fanciful scenes.
The hotel has hosted legends from Valentino to Arnie who have slept in this famous Polo Lounge. The bungalows are real fantastic place, the famous Liz Taylor has spent six honey-moons. The bungalows No.7 is decorated to Marilyn’s taste and No.5 has the pool. Having a lunch at exclusive Polo lounge is the best time you can get to meet some of the stars. You can also spot celebrities when walking around the playground or along the poolside restaurant.
Brentwood Country Mart
Brentwood country mart offers pecnic bences in two separate enclosed patios, old-fashion childrens’ mechanical rides and pony rides on Sunday. It is a nice place for al fresco summer movies. The mart is a retail village where you can have exclusive shopping, dining and sipping. This a place where you can pump into celebrities such Ben Affleck, jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon and Alessandra Ambrosio. A lot of celeb come to Blentwood conuntry mart to have fun and shop.
Brentwood is closely near LA nabe on the Westside hot spot. Many stars hangout at the Westside hot spot during the day. There are many activities you can engage such shopping at celebrity –loved brands such as Broken English and Christian Louboutin. You will definitely set your eyes on the celebrities while having an erand in this old-fashion country mart
Chateau Marmont
Chateau marmont is one of the many beautiful place where celebrities hangout. The Hollywood Hills has barely changed over for the past years. Many celebrities from Led Zeppelin to Lindsay Lohan have lived in this place. In fact the popular John Belush spent some days in bungalow 3. It is glamorous place to be in the LA.
This a place where you will expect not to see a crowd of paperazzi. In this LA insitution, you will likely to spot celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, James Franco, Kit Harington and Jamie Dornan. Remember, the best place to spot the stars at this place is the patio hotel.

Disneyland Resort
Dissneyland resort is one place you will never miss to see a celebrity in Los Angeles city. You just need to keep your eyes open. You will experience a fantastic real rides, if lucky with some stars. If you have visited the place for multiple times, you ticket prices will drop down. The popular celebrity you might come in conduct in Disneyland may includes the likes of Halle Berry, John Stamos,Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, Holly Madison, Dave Grohl and Megan Fox. Look for a tour guides who is familiar with celebs and families. That way, you will be able know where you can meet the celeb although the place is not so packed.
Four Season Los Angeles at Berverly Hills
The scene has varieties of fragrance, frette linens, flower-filled lobby to the immaculate rooms that comes with chinoiseries headboard. The pool area is lovely with a state of the art gym decorations and wonderful shaded Cabana café. The four season LA at Beverly Hills has the best spa and culin and crudo bar. On the ground –floor has a modern Italian restaurant where celeb can grap drinks and have dinner. You won’t miss to spot your eyes on Zoe Saldana, Orlando Bloom, Jason Statham, Katy Perry, Morgan Freeman, jessica chastain and Lauryn Hill. If you want to associate with the celebrate, it better to make a reservation at Culina for lunch or dinner. Every time you pop into the hotel’s swanky restaurant, you are about to spot a celebrity.
Franklin Village
This is the best place in the Hollywood neighborhood that has attracted many celeb. The Upright Citizens Brigade theatre(UCB) has raised a lot of star in this place.The Franklin village attracts celebs as results a romantic French bistro. You can have a romantic dinner at La Poubelle and have a drink at Birds. There is a possibility chance to see a reputable stars at the UCB audience, Birds or La Poubelle.
You will be able to see famous Ashton Kutcher, Robert Pattinson, Amy Pochler, Aubrey Plaza, Justin Long, Amanda Seyfried, Josh Hutcherson and Mila Kunis.
Malibu Country Mart
Many celebrities love to dine at Café Habana. It a nice place where to dine with enough space at mart playgrounds where kids can play. The notable stars that like to visit this place includes;Pierce Brosnan, Justin Beiber, Cindy Crawford, Pink, Simon Cowell, Pamela Anderson, Jenners, kardashians, Kate Beckinsale and Pierce Brosnan.
Malibu is a nice place for outdoor shopping. If you like shopping, there are high changes to meet some of the celebs doing their shopping. It is also a main hub for prestigious people to have lunch and dinner. The good thing about this beautiful places is that both local people and outsiders and tourists can have lunch, dinner or shopping at the same time. Malibu country mart have several shopping and dining options.