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Most people think that doctors and nurses are all that matters in the healthcare industry but that is not the case, there is a wide array of professions that are integral in the healthcare sector. Medical billing and medical coding require two years or less of college is needed.  Medical coding and medical billing are two fast growing professions in the healthcare industry that require lots of qualified professionals. Most medical coders and billers work in a hospital setting just like nurses or other medical physicians.

Medical coding how to get started

Medical coding specialists are integral members of the health care system. They go through volumes of detailed information about disease, procedures, patient injuries and lots of documents provided by healthcare workers such as nurses and doctors. They are then required to assign codes to information so that it can be used to reimburse claims by insurance companies. To qualify to work as a medical coder, most employers require one to have at least an associate degree and some qualification in coding

Online colleges for medical coding

The US bureau of labor has predicted that the medical coding will grow by 16% by the 2024. That has created the need for more people to study and get certification to work as medical coders, even if it means doing so from home. Here are some of the schools offering medical coding courses online:

  •         North Dakota college of sciences
  •         Kennesaw state of university
  •         Marion technical college
  •         University of California- Riverside
  •         George Mason University

Medical coding specialist schools

Medical coding is a growing field, and there is a huge need for qualified medical coders. If you want to pursue a career in medical coding, here are some of the top schools/universities on how to start a career in medical billing and coding.

  1.   Kaplan university
  2.   Cowley County Community College
  3.   Central Maine Community college
  4.   Highland community college
  5.   Herzing Univeristy
  6.   Davenport university
  7.   Northwest technical university
  8.   Keirser University
  9.   Northland community and technical college
  10.  Community care college