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America is still divided on issues from racism to immigration. Donald Trump has an enormous task of uniting America. On Tuesday, the president appeared on Capitol Hill to address the issue of immigration in America. The US president in his speech reminded the Americans that they are one people, with one destiny. The president is seeking to build a strong United States for glory during his tenure at the office. People of all race, color and creed have the right to work in the USA.

The president condemned threats and vandalism strongly against the Jewish community living in the USA. Mr. President also condemned the shooting in Kansas that left one engineer of Indian origin death. The president argued that the country may be divided on policies, but it stands united in condemning any form of attack against the minorities. Critics claim that Trump administration has remained silent on the assault against immigrants and minorities that occurred in Kansas.

The 45th USA president still holds on his stand concerning immigration. He supports a merit –based entry to the United States that existed before the 1960s. The president explains that adopting a merit-based system will be more advantageous. The country will save more dollars, which can be used to revamp America’s economy. The revenue collected can be used to improve the lives of struggling families, including immigrant families.

The President is hopeful that the policy will be legislated into effect by the Congress. If the Congress passes the policy into law, then it will effectively regulate immigration. The liberals argue that the Trump policy on immigration violet human freedom of movement. However, Trump maintains that those who seek to move into the USA should be able to support themselves financially. Canada and Australia have already adopted a merit –based system. The president claims that the old regime depresses wages for poorest workers and put a heavy burden on taxpayers.

Immigration facilitates the entry of extremist and terrorist into the US homeland. The President warned that the nation cannot accept the terrorist to move into the USA. He urged relevant bodies of administration to protect the country, its citizens and its values. “We cannot allow our nation to become a sanctuary for extremists,” said Trump.
Trump speech revolved broadly on foreign policy issues. American leadership is more interested in the security of American people and its allies across the world. America will engage with the outside world in a robust and meaningful manner. Trump admitted that US still committed to supporting NATO. The president concluded his conciliatory speech by emphasizing that time for small thinking is over, and trivial fights are behind.


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