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Thousands of people are thinking about starting a business due to hard economic times that have led to massive layoffs. But they are some who just want to widen their income stream by creating a side hustle. Having a great drive to start a small business is just half the story. The first thing that you need is a great business idea that is unique to make your business stand out in the midst of many others. The good news is that a robust and thriving business is possible with the right motivation, business idea, and planning. Here are some great small business ideas that you might want to consider
Home-based catering: this is something for you if you love cooking or baking. You can use your secret menu to serve individuals, events, and businesses by supplying them food. It gives a chance to make money by doing something you love. It will also give a chance to test your culinary skills and know-how before launching out big time. Make sure you meet all the regulations set out for home-based catering services
Events planning

Are you a party animal that loves organizing hanging out and organization parties? You can turn that into a thriving business that can help you to pay bills and stay afloat in tough economic times. An event planner needs to have a keen eye for details to help people get the best parties by helping them to properly distribute their resources into the most important aspect of their parties. Patience is one of the most important skills to help you meet your client’s demands
Cleaning services
This is one of the easiest businesses to begin because you don’t need to have a lot of capital to get started. You can either target office clients such as retail businesses. Most offices are in need of daily cleaning, and all you need to do is to knock on doors and ask. Make sure that you do a thorough job, and clients will keep coming because of word of mouth.

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